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I try to put on an event at least once a month. Whether that is a free drop-in skate lesson, a pop-up indoor skatepark, a competition, or all three. I find them great fun to orgainse. It's one of the highlights of running a Skate shop! When I do manage to orgainse them, they're normally either in the market hall at Fargo village, which is opposite my shop. Or in the Box, which is just around the corner. It's amazing to put them on and see everyone get together and have a bit of fun entering competitions and just having a skate on things that aren't available in the local skateparks we have in the city. The lessons are a great way to get to meet new people, learn a new trick, or even just learn how to push on a skateboard!

These photos were taken by a local skater, Ryan Bradley. He's captured the feel of this event really well. whether you're throwing something big off the kicker, getting creative on the mini ramp, or gripping a new deck. These events are just about getting together, Having fun, and maybe even winning something from the competitions. It's not only amazing to see everyone getting together and having a skate but it's great to see people take photos and videos that help capture the moment and feel of the event. If you want to join one of our events make sure to follow us on Instagram @_projectnumber5_  to keep up to date with the latest events.


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