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Skate Bingo

Earlier this year I hosted a “Skate Bingo” competition. The whole aim of the competition was to get people to go and skate with a purpose and to have fun with it. The competition consisted of a custom-made “bingo sheet” that contained certain spots to go to and obtain tricks or make a line. The sheet is shown below and contains instructions like ‘3+ flatground line’ which means the individual will need to do more than three tricks in a row without bailing or stopping; making a line.

I was a little apprehensive at first as I did not know what the response would be like and if anyone would enter. I decided to create the deadline to be around two months after the competition was posted to give people enough time to edit together everything they wanted; plus I wanted to have a go myself.

The feedback was amazing and a lot of people loved the idea and could not wait to get started. Some people even completed it in a day. It was great to see everyone’s finished edits, seeing their creativity and style. Thanks to Steve (@steveandnothingelse on Instagram) for helping me come up with a few of the bingo dots.

Below are the top three entries for the competition in no particular order. Which one is your favorite? Head over to my Instagram to find out who won! @_projectnumber5_

  • Ryan.

A skater who’s been in the Cov skate scene for a while, his creative style stands out. Especially here with a crazy freestyle line and ending the video with an unexpected frontside 50-50 front shove, late flip out. I loved this edit as it showed a good selection of tricks and he stomped pretty much all of them in the edit. (@rjes on Instagram)

  • Quinn.

One of the younger skaters in Cov, he definitely showed his creativity in skateboarding by thinking about some of the tricks a bit differently to the others. For example his trick off the Herbert ledge, skating the second block to manual off the first. Making the Memorial Skatepark look easy to skate with a huge backside disaster on the 5ft quarter-pipe when most people won’t even touch that skatepark. (@q_la_skate on Instagram)

  • Dan.

His entry has been in the making for a while. I was told that he filmed most of the clips within a day, even going back to perfect some before the deadline. This edit shows how technical you can get with skateboarding, bringing out a nose manual to switch manual on the Ikea spot and a very floaty 360 down the Shelton 3 stair. (@skateboarderdan on Instagram)

Like I have said before, it was so fun to make this happen and to see what people came up with. These three were amazing with their edits and I wasn’t let down at all. There is so much more to the edits than what I’ve mentioned, so give them a watch and see who you think should win!

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