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For Halloween 2022 the Terrible Company, a local Coventry skate blog, released their new Halloween video: GHOSTFACE. The video consisted of local skaters, skating some of the local skate spots in and around Coventry. The premier was hosted by a local record store- Just Dropped In, they have a great space for movies, live shows and just having a look through some vinyl records. The premier started off with a bang; a quick fire game of S.K.A.T.E. It’s a game where someone lands a trick and everyone else has to land the same trick or they will get a letter (or in this case they will straight away get kicked out of the game). Everyone takes turns to set a trick, and the last person left wins the game. We were supposed to have the game outside of my shop, but the ground isn’t the smoothest and unfortunately it had rained. We tried a little bit of carpet boarding, but since there was such a large turnout we decided to take the game into the BOX Foyer. It was amazing to see such a large turnout and it was great to be a part of the whole experience. It was impress

ive to see everyone getting involved and well done to Krzysztof who won! There was a also a classic “best dressed” competition where the person who came in the best Halloween costume won a prize! There were some great contenders. The winner was Sam Biggs, who wore a nun costume. It was pretty realistic……

Once the game of skate was done everyone had a little break to skate around and then we all headed to Just Dropped In, ready for the premier of GHOSTFACE. We thought we had placed enough seating for everyone, but we were extremely wrong. People just kept arriving! It was so overwhelming to see the amount of people who came, we filled out the shop! With about 20-30 people filling out the seats and benches and what must have been another 20 or so people standing up, the record store looked like it had reached its limit! The beginning of the film had a real old school movie feel to it, counting down until the edit starts. Just before the start of the edit, Ade, who runs the Terrible Co. blog, stood-up and gave a small speech, thanking everyone involved and congratulating the winners of the game of skate

and costume competitions, finishing with saying a few heartfelt words about his motivation behind his work. It was really touching to see this side of things and made the movie that much more special for us to watch. The edit itself was fantastic, it’s amazing to see local skaters take part in a project like this. One of the best things for me about edits like this is seeing what tricks people have managed to get at different spots along with all the different styles of skating everyone has. The film was edited well with a quick and snappy rhythm to it, making it easy to follow and catch each new trick. The filming was great as well, with some really nice shots being put into it. The film delightfully shows what skateboarding is all about; falls, crazy lands and messing about between some of the tricks. It shows that skateboarding is not always about learning that one new trick you have been trying for ages, but it’s about having fun and a good laugh with friends. Which is definitely something that people can forget sometimes, including me. This was such a good opportunity to be a part of. A huge thanks to Ade for making the edit, Alun for letting us make use of his shop, Fargo Village for helping us out last minute with the BOX and everyone who helped out at the premier, turned up and had a good time. It was a surprise to even see some of the people from my lessons I organise there. It was a blast to be a part of it all and I would love to do it again. Click here to see GHOSTFACE

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Here is the edit from the event!

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