Welcome to Project Number 5, the sustainable vintage fashion, skate shop that has everything you need from skate hardware to sustainable vintage fashion in Fargo Village, Coventry


We all need that cosy jumper to warm us up and saves us from cuts when we stack it (pain in the ass-literally-when that happens). Even bigger bonus when you realise that these jumpers are sustainable and hard wearing. We got a range of designs and sizes that we’re sure you’ll love.


Project Number 5 has a wide range of  knowledge, experience, and passion in skateboarding hardware, including decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and virtually everything else down to the nuts and bolts. We've got boards from our mates at Darkroom, DGK, Habitat & Thank you skateboards to name a few, these are super high quality at a price you'll love.


Finding the right pair of jeans can be tricky, you don’t want it to be too tight to restrict those kickflips, or to baggy to feel like a parachute when you walk. Therefore, we believe that the right skate jeans are vital for any skateboarder trying to showcase their style, whether your style is super slim or large and baggy. You'll find your new favourite Jeans here, regardless of colour, shape, or price.

Who are we?

Project Number 5 is a sustainable fashion, skate shop located in Fargo Village, Coventry. We aim to tackle fast-fashion while promoting skateboarding and creativity through self-expression. Not only that but we offer skateboarding lessons for all those interested regardless of age and experience, along with organizing regular events.  

Making us like no other skate shop in Coventry!

Can’t make it to the shop? That’s fine! We understand that you need that extra time to really nail those tricks, which is why Project Number 5 also includes delivery for all products, so you’ll never have to stress.