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Project Number 5 is a sustainable clothing and skate shop located in Fargo Village, Coventry. Specifically shipping container number 6. We have the aim to tackle fast-fashion while promoting skateboarding and creativity through self-expression.


After I graduated Coventry University I saw an opportunity to use my degree and combine it with my passion for skateboarding and vintage clothes to create Project Number 5. Fusing it with the hub of entrepreneurship that is Fargo Village it seemed like a perfect idea.


The whole experience has been amazing and continues to be. Unlucky enough I managed to dislocate my knee quite badly when I was skating. I had to undergo surgery to get everything put back into place just a few days before I was due to move into the container. This meant everything had to be moved in with me on crutches. Thankfully I had a lot of friends to help me move in, and so everything went as smooth as it could have gone.


Just after three weeks I had managed, mainly with the help of others, to have filled the shop with as much stock as I was able to fit in there. I then waited to see how it went. That weekend went really well and I realised I was pursuing my passion!


I cannot wait to see what the future holds.


Henry Matthews

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