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Skateboard Classes 


Weekly Group Sessions

Term Time Lessons normally run in line with the school term and aim to help you start skateboarding, learn with a group of people at a similar level to you, and help you make friends with other skaters. Please contact us if you would like to join these lessons as they will be dependent on the availability of the venue.

Lessons are normally bookable through Eventbrite or our website, Click the "eventbrite" Button below to view our profile

Price - £12 per person per lesson


1-2-1 Skateboard Tutor

1-2-1 These skateboard lessons in Coventry, let you choose what you want to learn, no matter if you're struggling with stepping on a board or a kickflip and need that little extra help we can teach you the theory and the practical side of the trick with the aim of helping you land one within an hour. These lessons rely on availability between both you and us, please contact us if you would like to book and we can discuss avalibility.

Price - £30


Family skate lessons 

Family lessons are a great way to help you bond as a family. These will help you all progress through your first steps in skateboarding as a group while you help each other learn something new, with a bit of help from us you will be going to the skatepark in no time. These lessons will be dependant on availability between both you and us, please contact us if you would like to book.

1 parent 1 child- £40
1 family of 4 - £65


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