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Skater presents

A Skaters Christmas

I’ve been a skater for almost 10 years now, and I’ve come to realize we can be hard to buy for, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. My aim is to give a helping hand by suggesting things us skaters will love and defiantly use!

  1. A New Skateboard (Deck)

Any skater would love this, all you need to do is find out the width of the skateboard they skate (7.75-8.75 inches are the most popular sizes). Some skaters only skate a particular brand but most will just be happy to get a free deck. Feel free to come into my shop at FarGo Village to have a look at the selection of decks we have on sale. I have loads of decks stocked up, starting at the smallest size of 7.75 inches working upwards. You can also have a browse online or pop into other independent skate shops.

Click the button below to have a look at what Decks we have in stock in the shop!

2. Tech Decks

For the younger skaters Tech Decks are the ideal stocking filler. They are little skateboards that are only £6 and are absolutely amazing to use when you’re bored, you can even build a mini skatepark for them. There are loads of add-on’s you can buy (and build with bits and bobs around the house). These little boards can fit in your pockets or comfortably in your hand, I even find myself messing around with them from time to time seeing if I can Kickflip nose slide on a mini ledge between tasks.

These are only available in store at the moment but will be online soon!

3. Wheels/Bearings

Wheels are always an unexpected present. They’re always really useful to have as a backup when you get an unanticipated flat-spot (where part on the wheel is used so often it turns flat, making the ride really uncomfortable). Alongside wheels, some bearings will be a really useful present. They wear away more often than wheels and can rust and break causing a lot of issues.

Click the buttons below to have a look at our bearings and wheels!

I hope this little list of potential presents a skater will love has helped. Feel free to pop in for a chat and a browse about. It is always nice to have a chat.

Merry Christmas and hope you have a great start to the New Year! If anyone would like to test out their new presents, I have a skate event on the 30th December 4pm-6pm at the Market Hall at FarGo Village. Everyone of any ability is welcome to come and join in, whether that’s to skate or just to have a couple hours social time. Come and chill out ready for the new year!

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