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“ Destination” from 5ifty one productions 

The latest video from 5ifty one Productions was released recently and they smashed it. The video included Coventry local skater Quinn, in his first full video part. His part included tricks like a 360 kickflip into the steep bank at the Herbert, a backside disaster at the Waslgrave fountain, and a drop-in at the courthouse wall ride. The video was really entertaining to watch, with a good pace, some high-quality tricks, and classic banter between all the skaters involved! Something every skate video needs. 

If you have a spare 30 minutes I would really recommend watching this as it shows what a team full of mates can do. Props to Luke for organising, filming, and editing it.  click the video below to watch "Destination" by 5ifty one.

Luke and Callum from the video also run a small hardware brand “ THC” (The Hardware Company) who produce some of the best bolts in the game, with quality stickers for only £5. You can buy them in the shop or online by clicking the button below.

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