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The UK Skate Scene


In my opinion, skateboarding is one of the most creative sports around. Whether its creating your own tricks, skateboard graphics, videos or photos, you will always find something that takes your fancy in the skateboarding world.

This has been shown on so many occasions; when Welcome Skateboards broke into the industry with their new and wacky shaped boards, Krooked with their fancy trucks, Palace and Polar with their fast and interesting styles of skateboarding or the Poetic Collective breaking into the UK scene with some really aesthetically pleasing graphics that nearly too good to skate. There are so many brands within skateboarding that all take a unique and individual approach on the sport. Whether they are in your local scene or overseas it's always interesting to see the other brands in skateboarding.

A brand that I am particularly fond of at the moment is ‘The Hardware Company’. These guys are really creative with their graphics, taking recognisable cartoon characters and pop icons and recreating them into their own style. I currently stock a batch of their recent run of bolts on my website; They include characters from ‘South Park’, ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Sponge Bob’. You get some stickers and a coloured bolt that matches the character on the sticker; for example in the ‘Sponge Bob’ pack you get both a gold and pink coloured bolt to match Sponge Bob and Patrick.

If you are looking for a more clothes orientated brand, the ‘Town Rats’ are a Coventry based skate brand set up by a group of local skaters. Their graffiti inspired style makes for a great logo. I stock a few bits in my shop every now and again once they release something new. At the moment I have their beanies in, which are made from sustainable material and they are extremely warm. They also have some hoodies and t-shirts available, which have shown to be popular in the local skate scene. They post some great content on Instagram showing each of the groups individual styles skating around Coventry. Click the button below to find their instagram.

If you are looking for a good read, head over to ‘The Terrible Co’. This guy has some great skateboard based content. His blog consists of all skateboard related news, videos with a bit of an added personal touch. The blog has been going since 2003, so there is definitely loads to catch up on! Abe, who runs the blog, releases yearly skate videos on Halloween. It’s amazing to see local spots getting shredded by the guys in the video, especially when you can recognise both the spots and people in the video.

Depending on when I manage to release this blog, he will be premiering his most recent video in the record store, ‘Just Dropped In’ opposite my shop on October 30th. I’m really looking forward to it! It would be great to see lots of people there!

There is absolutely loads more out there in the skateboarding world to explore, whether it's videos from ‘Get Leicester’, exploring different brands like ‘Sketti Butta’, or just having a skate at the infamous Bourn Brook DIY in Birmingham. There is so much to find out about the local and UK scene.

A great way to meet some of these people would be to come to the events that I put on once a month. These are just in the market hall or The Box foyer at Fargo Village. Click here the button below to follow us on Instagram and keep up to date about the next skateboard event.

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